Fast Battery Charge Technology

Our patented fast battery charge technology is the key to the growth of electric vehicles and users of cell phones, laptop computers, power tools, etc. are not stranded without power, fast charging off-the-shelf batteries in minutes, without overheating. Competitive Advantage: (1) Electric automobile charging stations need fast battery charge times similar to gas refueling, using off the shelf batteries. Our 20 minute time is close while the state of the art is 40 minutes. (2) Among industrial vehicles, 95% of forklift trucks are forced to swap 1 ton batteries between shifts as fast battery charging alternatives require about 3.5 hours but regularly overheat and damage the batteries, releasing toxic fumes. We eliminate these problems and enable up to 75% savings for industrial rapid charging and double the revenue for automotive charging stations. (3) Owners of devices such as cell phones, laptops, and power tools are often stranded waiting several hours to recharge. Our 20 minute fast battery charge can solve that problem from a 110 volt outlet.

Test Results Summary:

Chemistry  Chemistry Application Charge Range PDI Time  PDI Temo Manufacturer Maximum Safe Temp Normal Times for Slow Charge and Fast  Charge
Lithium Cobalt Oxide Cars & Devices such as Cell Phones, Laptops, Power Tools, etc. 80% 20 min 42°C 60°C Slow: ~3 hrs for devices; ~8 hrs for carsFast: ~1 hr for devices;~40 min for cars to 80%
FloodedLead Acid Small Electric Vehicles 100% 31 min 49°C 49°C Slow: ~8 hoursFast: 2 to 3.5 hrs
Electric Vehicles 100% 68 min 44°C 49°C
Forklift Truck 80% 90 min 49°C 60°C
100% 120 min 55°C